The process of evolution under Mother's Ideal is as follows

The process of evolution is as under Mother's Ideal as follows:-

(1) Acquisition of merit (Punya) by doing religion
acts of Japa, worship, etc., which will lead you to the appreciation of virtuous, religion and saintly people and of their ways of living,

(2)The actions and qualities of Love, Service Devotion and Self-surrender having fairly matured by practice, Mother will so bring out circumstances and opportunities that the aspirant will be lifted up from his routine and worldly life and will be ushered into the company of virtuous, religious, devotional and saintly people.

(3) Constant company of religious and saintly people, and their service, their imitation and their grace will give you a good understanding of good and evil, truth and untruth, righteousness and unrighteousness, etc., and these will introduce you to godliness after sufficient practice of goodness, virtue, etc.

(4) This introduction to godliness will ultimately
result in your great liking for godliness, virtuous, devotional, unselfish and higher living and finally in the germination of love towards God.

(5) Your devotion to and Love of God will give you the true understanding about soul-knowledge and will bring the supreme self of God and  individual self of your own self much nearer, through faith and conviction strengthened by Mother, often through miracles.

(6) Love to God will result in the Love to God's creation.

(7) Feeling the finger and hand of God in all arrangements, getting sight of God occasionally, feeling oneness with God on self-surrender, and inward satisfaction of “having been accepted.”

(8) Establishing a perpetual relation with God and
helping God in all the grand work with power and love which God is pleased to confer. 

                                     (9) Merging in God.

In a word, the working process is :- First begin with much active virtue, especially love and service of others or meritorious religious actions. That will bring you in company with saints, who will by their grace introduce you to God and Soul. Next, God-love will procure you God's grace, which will perfect the elementary theoretical knowledge of God and soul and universe with pure divine knowledge. Knowledge and God-love and service to all of Mother's creation will make you part and parcel of Mother, useful, obedient, self-surrendered servant of God with godly powers, and finally when the smallest iota of the desire of individual existence disappears, and when your love outside of Mother becomes so intense that existence of Her becomes unbearable and impossible, then you merge into Mother.
The fundamentals of Love, Service, Devotion and If-surrender in the matter of action and the fundamental Belief in “One Final-most Mother, immortality of the soul, and the infallibility of the action--re-action Law in the smallest details of desire, thought, emotion, word and action," are more than enough to carry one through right up to salvation.

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