Life Maxims of the Mother's Followers

 Life Maxims of the Mother's Followers :

1. Serve and Love Mother in spite of what She appears to you to be.

2. Serve and love humanity consisting of sisters and brothers in spite of what a she or he is to you.

3. Serve and love your parents, sisters, brothers, relations, neighbours, citizens, etc.

4. Serve and love all other beings.

5. Serve and love at least yourself maintaining your cheerfulness in every religiously permissible way, with renunciation and complete unconditional cheerful surrender to the Mother's Divine Will.
General Objects of the Mother's Lodge By different activities (of a social nature by the outer circle and by Friday Midnight Prayer in addition by the inner circle) to move Mother to bless humanity generally and Her votaries and Lodge members especially with (1) the desire of evolving and emancipation, (2) Success in strivings and strugglings therefor, (3) Power, virility and strength, (4) Knowledge, wisdom, insight and intuition, (5) Devotion, meditation and renunciation to Her Divine Will and (7) progress, relief, peace and happiness.
The Founder prays for at least an hour on every Friday night, as above and sometimes for inner circle members for some specific relief. The Founder further offers prayers for wellfaring and self-purification on Tuesday and Sunday respectively.

Practical Measures Advocated by the Lodge

1. Promotion of immensely practical universal sisterhood and brotherhood in daily life.

2. Abolition of racial, national, provincial, social and religious prejudices.

3. Opening or encouraging to open independent Mother's Lodges and colonies under any denomination, religious national or communal, of any people, in any place.
4. Convening from time to time socials of sisters or brothers or combined and of families, of all castes, creeds and colours.

5. Holding common prayers Bhajans, and Kirtans of God in any name or form and of any saints or devotees, lectures, classes, tours, etc.

6. Introducing common prayers in mass meetings on open public grounds or in holy places of different religions, so far as they can be made available.

7. Introducing such common prayers, in schools and colleges.

8. Promulgation of common, religious and allied literature and encouragement of studies of all religions by individuals of different religions.

9. Exchange of opinions on religious questions and of charities by leaders of different religions to one another and their meetings whenever possible.

10. Holding Mother's worship, personal or impersonal or of any form, as may be agreed upon by one and all present.
For details of Mother worship please see concluding pages.
Some Special Features of the Mother's Lodge Ideal
Mother's Lodge is not enchanted with the spell words of equality, fraternity and liberty, although it gives due respect to these ideals. It does not see great success in the so called fellowship among-st single individuals connected with the only tie of the individual membership of a lodge or an institute. Families should be inter-connected with families in the said spirit in the sacred name of Mother and the Lodge. This can best be done by introducing occasional family worships of Mother by different householders in their homes, who would be inviting other families of the Lodge.

This practice has been introduced by the Mother's Lodges at Ahmedabad, Kirkee and Santacruz (Bombay).*
Under the convictions of the Mother's Lodge, you are religious if you at least keep yourself cheerful, because you then cease to be a radiating centre of sorrow and misery.
Mother's purview is not confined to the ascending half of the evolution alone, but includes the descending the Bestower of not only half too, as Mother is enjoyment. Nothing is Salvation but alarmful or irreparable in Mother's Refugee Realm.

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